Kidney Stones in India

Why India has more kidney stones. usually, north India is a stone belt. kidney stones in the north are quite common and forming risk is very high. there are several reasons behind it.first of all is the climate usually north India is hot which in turn produces severe sweat formation which leads to highly concentrated urine.most of the area in India are dry and lacks potable water which affects people intake of water is not adequate with the amount of sweating results in kidney stone formation. Diet is also one the factor for forming kidney which is rich in fat and calcium like dairy products but poor in proteins.

oxalate-rich food spinach. phosphate-rich wheat-based diet. usually, the majority of India are vegetarian which leads to poor intake of animal proteins like eggs n white meat. People in India are hard-working work for long hours which leads to stress water loss and no proper diet timings lead to kidney stones. Obesity and Diabetes also contribute to kidney stones because of producing acid urine These reasons contribute Indian population for kidney stones problems.

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